What is Pellets?

Pellets are compacted wood chips made from the waste material generated during forest clearing or logging.

At Lana S.Coop, we take the material left over from board manufacturing activities in Oñati and turn it into what we believe to be the most efficient biofuel of the foreseeable future. 

The waste material we use at Lana S.Coop is clean sawdust from dry sawn timber, which is why our pellets are of such high quality.

This product is catalogued as a CO2 neutral fuel, which means that the CO2 emitted is equivalent to the CO2 absorbed by the tree during its growth cycle. Pellets are therefore included on the list of renewable energy sources.

As well as being environmentally-friendly, our pellets are also cheaper than more traditional fuels, and their price offers a high degree of long-term stability since it does not depend on prices set by other countries. Our product complies with the most stringent standards, as attested by the following certificates:

Only in this way can we certify the quality of our products and our firm commitment to the health of our natural environment.