• Highly qualified teams.
  • Organisation focused on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.
  • Production systems that incorporate high-tech solutions.
  • Quality Management System UNE-EN ISO 9001 certified by AENOR.
  • Automated production control systems.
  • Environmental management that respects the environment and is recognised with the UNE-EN ISO 14001 certification by AENOR.


Excellence in Quality Management, Environmental Responsibility, Commitment to the Chain of Custody and Working Life Quality are fundamental and strategic objectives for LANA.

They must contribute to laying the foundations for competitive, solid and sustainable development. To ensure the effective Continuous Improvement of Quality Systems, Environmental Measures, the Chain of Custody and Occupational Health and Safety, they must be integrated into all areas of the organisation. This can be achieved with the necessary people and material/economic resources, through planning and by establishing and evaluating our objectives. Based on knowledge of the expectations and requirements of its stakeholders, LANA strives to ensure the Satisfaction of:


Through a Business Policy that is based on compliance with the quality/service requirements established in the contract and in the continuous improvement of the products that we make or sell.


Through risk prevention, improved occupational health and safety conditions and by improving the satisfaction of our people.


Through Pollution Prevention and by minimising the potential environmental impact as far as possible, using raw materials originating from sustainable forests.

That is why the participation and contribution of all of LANA’s people is fundamental. The Management Team promotes teamwork and the participation of all its staff through training and communication. LANA undertakes to meet all client requirements and Legal Requirements and Regulations, in terms of Quality, Environment, Chain of Custody and Occupational Risk Prevention. LANA publicly discloses its policy wishes to collaborate with Clients, Suppliers, Institutions and Society in general, disclosing and promoting these commitments.