Iva Zemánková: an example to follow

Although she says that it was hard at the beginning and it was difficult for her to adapt, Iva Zemánková is certain that she made the right decision by choosing to train in the Basque Country.

This promising young Czech woman, who recently graduated in Business Administration and Management from Mondragon Unibertsitatea, carried out her Final Degree Project in the Social Management Department of the company Lana S. Coop.

Having arrived in the Basque Country almost five years ago, with some knowledge of Spanish and no knowledge of Basque, today she is on the verge of obtaining the A2 HABE certificate in the Basque language.

It was when she finished her studies that the company offered her a job in the Purchasing Department.

She highlights Lana’s employees’ commitment to the company, something that really drew her attention and which is very difficult to find in a private company.

She praises the companionship, humility, close treatment and professionalism of her colleagues, without whom, she says, she would not have made it.

Today Iva is just another member of the team and enjoys seeing how her work, together with that of her colleagues, moves the company forward; she now feels fully at home and her expectations very much fulfilled.

She refers to the Basque Country as a special community, which takes special care of its culture, origins, customs and friends; she regards the people as very friendly, a little closed and distrustful at the beginning, but enormously kind, supportive and polite.

It is in the Basque Country that this courageous young woman has broken down barriers and is finally at peace and in love.