A history with a future

1960Foundation of LANA S. Coop

(Leintz Aramaioko Nekazarien Alkartea). Originally, LANA's activity consisted of 3 areas: forestry, dairy and livestock.

1973Sawmill in Oñati.

In this year we opened the sawmill in Oñati.

1994Wood processing

LANA focuses on the manufacturing of products from the secondary processing of wood.

1995Three-layered shuttering panel.

Start of production of three-layer formwork boards.

2002Expansion of premises.

Investment of 12 million euros in the LANA S. Coop. plant. (Oñati), to expand the 14,000 m2 production plant with new machinery for the manufacture of three-layered.

2007Opening of Czech LANA.

Investment of over 14 million euros in a new production plant of 12.000 m2 to double the production capacity of three-layer boards to serve customers in Central Europe.

2010H20 Beam

We start to manufacture the H20 Beam in Czech LANA (Ždírec nad Doubravou). We include the perfect partner for the three-layer board in our catalogue and, moreover, certified by MPA Sttutgart.

2011IRU-PU shuttering panel.

We begin to manufacture the IRU-PU shuttering panel in LANA S. Coop. We invest in machinery to be able to apply hot polyurethane to the edge of the board. With this innovation we manage to increase the performance of the three-layer board for formwork.

2013New technology investments.

We invest in new machinery to be able to manufacture the IRU-PU shuttering panel in our plant in Czech LANA. As a result of this technology investment, we begin to offer our flagship board to the Central European market.

2017New H20 Beam range.

Launch of the new H20 beam production line in Czech LANA. We invest more than 4 million euros to double our beam production capacity.


Starts of the manufacture of Pellets in LANA S. Coop. We invest 2 million euros to transform waste into a sustainable product.

2018New warehouse.

We build a new 4000 m2 covered warehouse in Czech LANA.

2019New investments, better performance.

We invest more than 11 million euros in LANA S. Coop. and Czech LANA. With this new investment in state-of-the-art technology, we have managed to increase our production capacity of three-layer boards to become leaders in the manufacture of formwork components.

More than 60 years working to become a world leader in the secondary transformation of wood