Business Internationalisation Prize

Last Friday 24th March, we had the honour of receiving the “Business Internationalisation” prize awarded by the Guipuzcoa Chamber of Commerce in its thirty-first edition.
The event was attended by numerous political representatives including the Regional Minister for Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment, Arantxa Tapia, and Member of the Regional Council of Guipuzcoa, Markel Olano. 

The award was received by Ms. Mirari Zilurren, president of Lana. S. Coop and Mr. Kepa Bastida, managing director.
To celebrate such an important day, the event was attended by members of the Governing Board and the Board of Directors of LANA S. Coop.
Iñigo Ucín, president of the Mondragón Group, and Iker Alberdi, vice-president of the construction division, also attended as representatives of the Mondragón Group to give their support.

It is undoubtedly a recognition of the effort and tenacity of the company that has been able to internationalise in an amazing way, creating a business model and projection over the last 15 years, thus opening its domestic market to all European countries.

We would like to congratulate the rest of the award winners, Elmubas Petfood Group, Ezarri, Gureak and Irisbond.