Construct, transform and add value

Since beginning of time, humans have searched for a safe refuge for protection. Nowadays, safety in construction is still a necessary value.

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History, Present and Future

  • We transform

    History, Present and Future

    LANA began in 1961 with an activity centred on the forestry and sawmill sector, and is one of the pioneer enterprises of the MONDRAGON Corporation.

    Nowadays, we are a company specialised in the second level of transformation of wood, a European reference offering innovative products and solutions for the construction sector, with emphasis on formwork.

  • History, Present and Future

    "LANA is a living organisation: having a strong own identity stemming from a rich background and evolving by adapting itself to new times"

Quality, Competitiveness and Commitment

  • Quality, Competitiveness and Commitment

    "Joint business project, carried out by committed persons"

  • We construct

    Quality, Competitiveness and Commitment

    In LANA, we are committed with our clients, providing quality, safe and competitive products with close and flexible service.

    Innovation and ongoing improvement in all aspects (management systems, technologies, products and services), developed through teamwork, are the pillars that sustain our success.

Innovation, growth and development

  • We add value

    Innovation, growth and development

    We invest in the development of new products and in the generation of associated businesses, based on the transformation of wood.

    We work for client satisfaction to continue growing as a company and contributing to social wellbeing, with activities respecting the environment.

  • Innovation, growth and development

    "LANA is committed with its environment creating value, wealth and wellbeing"

The strength of a great Corporation

The strength of a great Corporation

Cooperation, participation, social responsibility and innovation

  • LANA is integrated in the Construction Division of the Corporación MONDRAGON, first Basque business group and one of the main Spanish ones, with more than 83,000 workers (85% of the industrial employees are cooperative partners), distributed in 281 companies and entities; 9,000 students in different educational centres and a university; 94 overseas production plants and 9 corporate delegations.

  • MONDRAGON is the fruit of the cooperative movement started in 1956, year when the first industrial cooperative was created in this Gipuzkoa locality. Its philosophy is included in its Corporate Values:

    1. Cooperation.
    2. Participation.
    3. Social Responsibility.
    4. Innovation.

Sede del Grupo Mondragon

"The Corporación MONDRAGON in business character social-economic reality, created by and for people, committed with the environment, better competitiveness and client satisfaction."

Open to the world

  • Open to the world

    Proactive and open Organisation

    LANA has identified the main challenges and opportunities presented by a world in constant evolution more and more globalised and competitive, which are indicated in the implementation of new markets and the development of new products and businesses.

    We are a proactive organisation open to collaboration, with the aim of anticipating the changes and taking advantage of the opportunities brought by the future.

    "We observe the future with optimism, aware of the challenges and opportunities it brings us."

Capacity and service

Capacity and service

Innovative technology, quality management and commitment

  • We have two production plants: Oñati (Gipuzkoa-España) and Ždírec nad Doubravou (Czech Republic) with a joint production capacity of more than 5 million square meters.

    Both plants have innovative technology production installations and the most advanced quality management systems and are committed with the environment.

  • The evolution of the company towards specialisation in production of wooden boards is supported on our knowledge of provisioning, selection of raw materials, technologies and production processes.

    The company and its commercial network analyse the market needs to develop and implement innovative solutions for our clients.

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  • LANA, S. COOP.
    Apdo. 25
    Bº Santxolopetegi, 24
    20560 OÑATI (Gipuzkoa), Spain
    Tel.: +34 943 780 111
    Fax: +34 943 783 222
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  • Czech LANA, s.r.o.
    Chrudimská 584
    582 63 Ždírec nad Doubravou (Czech)
    Tel.: +420 569 430 060
    Fax: +420 569 430 061
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